Let's Get to Work!

Meeting and Event Planning & Support

If hosting successful meetings and events (without losing your mind) are on your to do list, then let’s work together!

You've got to plan a meeting or event for your company.

But there are so many details and so many things to think about that you find yourself spinning your wheels. Or you've got so much else to do with your day-to-day priorities that you just can't add another thing.

We can restore the calm and return your sanity by taking care of all the details so you don't have to, or providing a step-by-step blueprint to follow, along with templates and checklists, to  make the planning process so much easier.


  • Get rid of the overwhelm from not knowing where to start in planning your meeting or event?
  • Know what you need to do when, and in what order?
  • Hand off the planning so you can focus on what you do best?
  • Make sure your event is valuable to your audience, good for your organization AND makes you shine?
  • Hand over managing all of the vendors so you have only one point of contact?
  • Reduce the stress of dealing with all the details and keeping everything straight and on time?

Let's find the program that’s right for you!

Different people need different levels of support. We provide guidance if you want to plan and host the event yourself, or full planning services if you want us to take care of all the details and let you focus on your other priorities.

Whether you're looking for the perfect venue for a dinner or organizing a multi-day event with meetings, off-site events and other activities, we're here to help.  Some of the services we provide include:

  • Venue research and selection
  • Vendor selection & management
  • Negotiations & contracts
  • Cost & budgeting
  • Event marketing
  • On-site assistance
  • Blueprints, templates and checklists to make the planning process easier

There are two levels of service to accommodate your needs and budget:

— Signature Offering —

We Do It All For You


1:1 Coaching Program

Our Done For You Events program is for the business that wants a full, customized service experience. We will coordinate details from soup-to-nuts, and produce a beautiful event that fulfills all of your goals and objectives, wows your attendees and creates rave reviews while you are hands off and focusing on your day to day priorities.

We have the background to know which venues best fit your event, which vendors are needed (and which are the right ones), where to spend money for the most impact (and where you can scale back), and what should be included in your contracts to protect yourself.

Leave the details to us as we manage venue and vendor logistics, and ensure everything stays on target and in budget.

We Do The Front End Work & Set You Up For Success

Not ready to hand over all the planning but need someone to do the initial work to lay a solid foundation for your meeting or event? Then this option is for you!

This program is for the business that’s overwhelmed by all of the planning involved, doesn’t have time or resources to lay the groundwork, but wants to maintain management of the event.

We help you clarify your event objectives and goals, and create the production plan that matches your vision. We'll save you tons of time by conducting the initial research into the right venues, sites and vendors, provide recommendations and set you up for success with a customized blueprint for your specific event.

And to keep you on track and provide an extra level of support, you'll have the ability to get your questions answered throughout your planning process.

One-hour visibility booster


On-site event support is available separately and includes acting as liaison with the hotel/venue as well as other vendors and managing all of the logistical details.  This allows you to run your program, and network and engage with your audience, while we work in the background to ensure your event flows smoothly and the guest experience is unparalleled!